Can I Start A Company If I Am Not In The UAE?

Joe Mouannes - MIS Consultants - Mouannes INTL Services

In most circumstances, you can indeed setup and start a company if you are not in UAE. It all depends on the type of the business and the activities and nationality, in some cases, you might be required to work with a local sponsor who will hold 51% of the stakes in your business. Having said that and in most cases and in free zone namely, the answer is yes.

As a foreigner not residing or present in the UAE, you can start the formation of your company after getting the legal advice on the suitable jurisdiction to incorporate your business including the legal form and other related matters. We can easily assist you in determining the aforementioned and apply for your business license and get the necessary approvals and get your company registered in the UAE while you are outside the UAE.

After the incorporation of your new company in the UAE, you may either i) come as a visitor to the UAE and thereafter change your status to a resident after arriving to the UAE or ii) issue a work permit for your self while you’re outside the UAE and use the same to travel to the UAE and apply for your visa residence.

MIS can assist you and help you with all of the above, including advising you on the suitable corporate structure for your business and implementation. We can also advise you on how to open your bank account and help you understand certain rights and obligations such as having a medical insurance and similar matters.

For more information on starting your business while you are not in the UAE or even if you are here, please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants on

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