Implementation of the UAE new visa regulations

On Monday, October 3rd, new laws came into effect regarding new type of visas in the UAE. The main changes included easier access to the 10-year Golden Visa program, longer visit permits for tourists, long-term residence for coveted individuals. The variety of 10 visa categories may be advantageous to many citizens and those who intend to settle in the nation.
The executive regulations of the Federal Decree-Law on Entry and Residence of Foreigners were adopted by the Cabinet. This officially approved established visas like the Golden Visa residence program and started the process of creating new ones. The new features include giving many tourists entry visas valid for 60 days and permitting parents to continue to sponsor disabled children even after they reach maturity.

The goal of the government is to expand the modern economy and encourage more highly skilled individuals, educated workers, individuals with credentials in medical and science to reside in the Emirates. It intends to draw specialists like scientists, programmers, and technology professionals.

Many different visa types:

  • Golden visa: The benefits to applicants under the new system include 10 years renewable residence visa, no employer or sponsor required, and residence for family members and children with no age limit. There is also no limit to the maximum number of support staff under this visa.

  • Green visas: Which are intended for skilled employees, independent contractors, and the self-employed, fall within the middle-income category. These offer the holder residency for five years.
    An applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in one of the skilled subjects listed above, such as science, law, education, culture, or the social sciences, as well as a monthly income of Dh15,000. This alternative may be appealing to someone who currently holds a two- or three-year trade license for freelancing, but the costs have not yet been determined.For five years, a holder of a green visa may sponsor family members to move in. Originally, this was permitted for a period of two years.

  • Jobseekers: There is no explicit clause allowing lower-paid and less skilled workers to get special visas. However, those who want to move to the UAE or visit family here may benefit from the jobseeker and fiveyear multiple-entry visas.

  • Family sponsorship: Authorities last year extended the age at which parents could sponsor their male children from 18 to 25. The verdict from April looks to confirm that and include legal provisions that enable parents to sponsor their disabled child through maturity. And at any age, parents can still support their unmarried daughters.

The majority of the new visas on the list are intended for independent contractors, business owners, and other self-employed individuals who would pay for their own visas or make arrangements through their own companies. It’s crucial to remember that a regular employee who works for a company cannot be forced to pay for a basic resident visa according to the law.

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