The UAE expanded golden visa policy

The holders of UAE Golden Visas can now sponsor parents for a 10 year residency

The UAE has massively expanded golden visa policy that went into effect on October 3rd. This new policy introduces new access permits and streamlines current options.

The additional benefits of the Golden Visa

Golden Visa holders in the UAE can now sponsor their parents for a 10 year residency. Foreign nationals may reside, work, and study in the United Arab Emirates for a maximum of ten years with the use of a long-term resident visa known as the golden visa.

In order to sponsor parents for a year’s stay, an expatriate employee must make a deposit as a guarantee for each parent as prescribed by the individual immigration agency. Dubai residents with Golden Visas are exempt from paying the sponsorship deposit. They must present paperwork attesting to this information from their respective consulates evidencing that they are the only ones taking care of the parents.

People who spent six months outside of the UAE in the past were deprived of their Golden Visas. With the implementation of the new system, the Golden Visa will remain valid regardless of how long the bearer stays abroad.

Expanded Golden Visa scheme

One of the modifications was the expansion of the Golden Visa program, which now permits additional groups of people to get 10 year visa. For Golden Visa holders, staying outside the UAE for over six months won’t affect the validity of their residency.

More than six months spent outside of the UAE does not alter the residency status of those on Golden Visas. Any age of child may be sponsored by Golden Visa holders. There are no limitations on how many support employees they may sponsor, either.

More qualified professionals can now apply because the long-term residence minimum salary requirement has been lowered from AED50,000 to AED30,000. Medicine, science, business, engineering, information technology, and administration are a few of the disciplines. Other fields include those in law, culture, and social sciences, for instance.

According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, applicants must be in the first or second occupational level and hold a valid work contract in the United Arab Emirates.

Investors who buy a home valued at least AED2million are eligible for the long-term visa, even with a loan from “particular local institutions.” Off-plan homes are allowed from authorized local real estate companies.

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